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All-On-4 Dental Implants Chicago | Kopp Dental & Associates

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The All On 4 procedure done for Joe was performed by Dr. Dr. Karras and Dr. Kevin Kopp, one of the top prosthodontists in the world. Dr. Kopp recently received the American College of Prosthodontics Private Practice Award. Dr. Karras is a Key Opinion Leader for Nobel Biocare, the world’s largest Dental Implant manufacturer and is considered an expert in the “All-on-4 Treatment Concept”

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Ben and Joe were born with a hereditary genetic imperfection that affects their teeth called Dentinogenesis Imperfecta. The enamel that most people are born with was not properly developed on their teeth and it makes their teeth more subjective to wear and decay. The tooth also doesn’t form in the normal shape. This defect comes from Ben’s mothers side of his family – his mother, aunt, cousins, brother and sister all have the same condition and now it has been passed on to his son Joe.

Dentinogenesis Imperfecta | Testimonial – All On 4 Procedure

All On 4 Procedure

Since Ben’s childhood he has had problems eating foods, specifically apples and anything sticky that can get caught in his teeth. He was also teased as a young child due to this defect Dentinogenesis Imperfecta. He would never smile full out in a photo and shared that he rarely smiled on a daily basis. Ben says the emotional turmoil from this defect far outweighs the physical downside because the physical part can be covered up by not smiling – this in turn though plays a role in his behavior because his mind naturally thinks he is never happy.

Many people throughout Ben’s life have misunderstood the emotion he is currently feeling because of the awkward facial expressions he gives. This has led to social awkwardness and the inability to adapt in social situations like others without the defect. As time went on with age and maturity, Ben realized everybody has flaws and that this wasn’t the end of his life.

Watch and listen to the amazing and emotional testimonial from Ben and his son Joe.

Ben quickly realized that Joe has been severely affected by this condition as well. As a father it’s been very hard to watch his son go through the same kind of emotional pain he did as a child. Ben knew that if he got this procedure done for his son Joe, he would live a better life and be able to share his outgoing personality more often. Ben felt as though the staff at Kopp Dental helped him to understand this was something they could help with.

After the procedure was done, Joe realized the positive benefits greatly outweigh any negative physical pain. The ALL on 4 dental implant procedure from Kopp Dental changed Joe’s life for the better.

joe reinboldt“The environment at Kopp Dental is very friendly, makes me feel natural like I’m at home and I just want to thank them for finally giving me a nice clean looking smile.” – Joe

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