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Chipped Tooth Repair. Do I Really Need It?

Is Chipped Tooth Repair Always Necessary?

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It’s something that dental professionals hear a lot. It comes in many variations, but the question is common no matter its form. Do I really need chipped tooth repair? Is it really so bad? What if the break is tiny? Surely a small piece missing isn’t serious…is it?

The simple answer is an unqualified yes. But there’s more to it than that.

A tooth that has been chipped has lost precious structure no matter how large or small the chip. The potential for more chips and cracks has been increased, and may result in the loss of the chipped tooth. If the chip lies too closely to the tooth’s pulp, a root canal may be in order. The pulp is where the tooth’s nerves reside, and if it doesn’t heal correctly after the trauma that caused the chip, considerable chipped tooth pain may occur.

What to Know About Chipped Tooth Repair

Not all chips require major chipped tooth repair. Dentists can easily fix lesser chips by using the latest bonding methods and cosmetic, tooth-colored materials. If a chip is large enough to more seriously threaten tooth structure, a dental professional might recommend a crown or veneer.

Above all, you shouldn’t take chances with your dental health and try to assess the damage on your own. Be sure to visit your dental professional for an appropriate assessment and remedy.

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