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Dental Implant Costs And Advantages

Dental implants have been available for several decades. More and more people are finding out how easy they are, and how beneficial they can be to overall oral health. However, they are still fairly new compared to other dental procedures, like crowns or partials.

Many people are still confused about what affects the cost of dental implants, and how they should plan for the dental implant costs. Kopp Dental and Associates in Elmhurst, Illinois takes a closer look at a few key factors that impact the final cost of getting your implants and why dental implant costs are, in fact, an excellent value.

Why Dental Implant Costs are an Investment

  1. Dental implant costs: longevity

One of the biggest reasons to take in account regarding dental implant costs compared to those of other dental work, such as bridges or fillings, is their longevity. It is important to consider the great longevity that you get when you opt for dental implants. Bridges, dentures, and fillings might cost less, but they usually come with much shorter life spans.

They cost less because they are not as strong and durable, and will need to be replaced sooner. Because these older methods of teeth replacement require routine repair (they tend to need replacement every 5-10 years), they will generally cost more in the long run and can be three or four times as expensive overall. By contrast, when dental implants that are cared for properly, the can last a lifetime, essentially making dental implant costs a one-time fee for better teeth, rather than a lifetime of costly repairs and maintenance.

  1. Dental implant costs: bone health

Another factor to consider when looking at dental implant costs boils down to the health of the jaw bone when the procedure is done. Over time, when a tooth is missing, the jaw bone deteriorates because decay and bacteria can get in through the hole, into gums and then into the bone. So, while a denture or bridge can do the same job of basic teeth replacement that implants do, they cannot sustain or contribute to the health of the jaw bone.

They are also limited in their effectiveness and aesthetic look as the jaw bone deteriorates. The distortion of the shape of a person’s face can occur if weakened jaw bones are made worse by bridges or dentures which many need cosmetic surgery to correct. Dental implants, however, are made of titanium and will fuse with the jaw bone. This actually makes it stronger and encourages more bone growth. This preserves the natural strength and shape of the mouth, lessening problems in the future. Maintaining good bone health within the mouth is just one more way that dental implant costs prove their worth.

  1. Dental implant costs: quality of life

Dental implants costs do run a bit higher than some procedures and devices. But what makes this initial investment worthwhile is that they can be seen as a long-term investment into the overall quality of your life. A dental implant is the closest thing modern dental technology has developed to a natural tooth, and thus has the smallest risk for damage. Future issues with the implant, bones, gums, or other teeth are dramatically reduced.

There are no restrictions on foods that can be eaten, no embarrassing or bothersome cleaning routines, and no risk of slipping and clacking when talking. Dental implants are basically the same as having your own teeth still in your mouth. For many people, this is the one aspect of what affects the cost of dental implants that wins them over and makes this the obvious choice for them.

  1. Dental implant costs: comparing prices

There are several steps in the process that factor into dental implant costs. Remembering these exacting steps and the expertise that is needed will help you make sense of the cost for the implants when you factor in the cost of each of these steps

  • Exams/office visits- the doctors, nurses and other staff members involved in each visit
  • Tooth/root extraction- the surgeon who removes the broken or damaged teeth
  • Bone grafting- experts needed to prepare the jawbone for the implants
  • Placement of the dental implant- surgeon who places and secures the implants correctly
  • Placement of the crown- cosmetic surgeon who places the life-life covering for implants
  • X-rays, pre/post-operative care, tests and scans that are done

With so much detail that goes into dental implants, and ensuring they are implanted and cared for properly for the best possible results, it is little wonder dental implant costs can a bit more expensive upfront  compared to less effective, cheaper tooth replacement options.

  1. Dental implant costs: financing

Even once you understand what affects the cost of dental implants, it is understandable if you wonder if you can still afford them. There is no need to fret, though. There are several financing options you can look into. First, check with your dental insurance provider to see how they cover the procedure, and what payment plans or co-pays you may have for the implants that you need.

There are also health care credit companies offering no-interest and low-interest plans that are specifically meant for medical procedures such as dental implants. This can be a great way to make your implants affordable without worrying about a high interest rate. It is important to remember that quality dental implants are an investment in your health and overall happiness and well-being. A quality, reliable full set of teeth helps improve or, in some cases, restores health, and helps you keep living your life as you want. Dental implants can improve your looks and impact how you feel both physically and mentally.

 Dental Implant Costs: Consultation

If you live in the greater Chicago area, the best way to get an accurate price quote for dental implant costs is to contact Kopp Dental and Associates at (630) 941-8398 to set up your consultation. Dr. Kevin Kopp and his associates are experienced prosthodontists and dentist with decades of experience. The doctors and highly trained staff will go over all of your questions and discuss what affects the cost of dental implants for your particular situation, and what they can do for you. Do not out it off another day. Call today and get the smile you deserve!

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