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Dental Quizmania Round #1

Posted here is an actual smile from a patient of Kopp Dental in Elmhurst.    A leading expert in the field of esthetic dentistry states, “Dentistry is an art and a science.  You can’t just have the art.  You can’t just have the science.  It’s a combination of both.”

You may have been told your crown is the best it can be and can not match your other teeth exactly.  Take a moment to look at the photo and tell us which tooth you think has the crown.   Comment on our blog and tell us why you think a certain tooth number is the crown.  Give us the number you believe is the answer.  All those with the correct answer will be entered in our drawing to win $25.  Each week for four weeks we will post a new“Dental Quizmania” question and you will have the chance to win $25.

Kopp Dental in Elmhurst truly cares about you the patient.  We go above and beyond in patient care… our motto is, The Patient is Our Primary Concern and we do our very best to provide an exceptional level of service for each and every patient.


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