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Don’t let your teeth keep you from smiling?

According to Empire Research Group; Smile ranked number 3 as most important facial feature.  Do you find yourself not smiling because you do not want to show your teeth?  If you can answer yes to this question you should seek the care of a prosthodontist.  Guzaitis Dental Group in Elmhurst has 2 of the 19 Board certified prosthodontists in the entire state of Illinois.  Dr Kevin Kopp and Dr Keith Guzaitis are 2 Chicago prosthodontists that care about their patients.

Don’t be fooled by dentists calling themselves cosmetic dentists.

•Some dentists with years of experience advertise their expertise under the pretense of being “cosmetic dentists”
•A “cosmetic dentist” is not an ADA recognized title and requires no additional training or certification
•For cosmetic procedures, a board certified prosthodontist is the most qualified and capable professional, and most likely to achieve the very best results
  • While we provide all general dentistry services at Kopp Dental in Elmhurst, our specialty is in restorative, cosmetic, and implant procedures
  • •Porcelain veneers
  • •Crowns
  • •Dentures and partials
  • •Implants
  • •Implant supported dentures
  • •Bonded white fillings
  • •Teeth whitening
  • •Full-mouth rehabilitation
  • •Routine care and treatment
Call today for a consultation and let Kopp Dental in Elmhurst help you get your smile back.
You will be happy you did!
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