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Easy Children’s Dental Hygiene Tips for the Busy Parent

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“Oral health is an important part of a child’s overall health and well-being – but it is sometimes overlooked in the early years.”
 – Dr. Edward H. Moody, AAPD president and practicing pediatric dentist

But why start young?

When brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups are a part of a child’s normal routine with mommy or daddy, fits and tantrums are prevented from becoming a regular morning or bedtime hassle. You’re welcome, parents!

Also, proper care of baby teeth will prevent cavities that could spread to other teeth, causing early decay, speech defects, premature tooth loss, and crooked or weak adult teeth. All of these factors lead to an unattractive and unhealthy smile that could rob your children of self-confidence and cause serious health complications in their youth and adult life.

When Brushing & Flossing:

Set the example early. Brush with your baby in arms, or have them sit and watch you brush and floss.

Set the routine. When his or her first teeth come out, have your child brush and floss with you in the morning and at bedtime.

Sing songs together! Sing along with these two videos to make brushing and flossing an activity that your little ones look forward to in the morning and at bedtime:

“This is the way we brush our teeth”

“Sesame Street – Motivational Brushing Song”

Brush your teeth by Raffi

Call Kopp Dental & Associates to create a dental “home away from home” where your child will be comfortable and given special attention. We’ll give the care needed to ensure your little one keeps his or her smile healthy, joyful, and full of life!

Cultivate in your child healthy oral habits by applying the suggestions above. It’s never too early to start! Remember, cultivating a good dental hygiene at an early age will give your child a healthy smile and the self-esteem to secure his or her proper development throughout all aspects of life.

Did we mention that February 28th is National Tooth Fairy Day?

Call us at 630-941-8398 to schedule your child’s visit with Kopp Dental & Associates. 

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