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Fixing Chipped Teeth- Key to Dental Health

Most people know that dental care is important and quite a few people, thanks to continued education efforts, now know that oral health can impact your overall health and well-being.  But many people still ask one common question of their dentists: “Do I really need to get a chipped tooth fixed?”  The simple answer, of course, is yes, but it is important to understand why chipped teeth are something you want to avoid. Here at Kopp Dental, we want to help you and your family by being your local dental care experts.

Dangers of Chipped Teeth

Chipped teeth treatment may seem like a minor thing, and many see it as more of an annoyance than a dental emergency. Unless it causes pain, many people put off dealing with cracked or chipped teeth. This is not good because once a tooth has been chipped, it is at risk for further chipping, cracking, and breaking. Too much structure loss to the tooth may result in the loss of the chipped tooth due to infection and tooth decay. Small chips can weaken the tooth making it easier for the chip to crack and grow. One of the most serious of all the chipped teeth risks you face is with larger chips that reach the interior of the tooth.  This is where the pulp, the living part of the tooth is located. Once this area is damaged it can quickly become infected and the tooth can begin to die. This is why when it comes to local dental care, Kopp Dental is committed to helping you with all of your dental needs and cosmetic treatments.

Chipped Tooth Repair

Not all chips are a big deal, but care should be taken to get them repaired. It usually is a quick and easy process to fix small cracks and chips in the surface of the teeth. However, if a chip is large enough to pose a threat to the overall integrity of the tooth a filling and or cosmetic crown may be needed to seal it from possible infection. In some cases, if the tooth is damaged beyond saving or is at too great a risk from complications, the tooth may need to be removed and a dental implant put in its place. Above all, you need to get your teeth checked and tended to on a regular basis and any damages need to be assessed and addressed by your dental team. Here at Kopp Dental, we are committed to helping you combat the chipped teeth risks and dangers and to be your local dental care team for all of your needs. Call us today to set up your consultation appointment!

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