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Full and Partial Dentures


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Dentures are a solution that has been trusted over the years for replacing missing teeth. Many of our patients at TLC Dental wonder if dentures are a good solution for them. There are advantages as well as disadvantages with any dental solution and it can largely depend on the individual’s lifestyle and goals they have for their appearance and functionality of their smile.

Why Choose Kopp Dental For Dentures?

Temporary Dentures

Temporary Dentures are often used on patients undergoing a cosmetic dentistry procedure who are in need of a natural looking smile while they wait for dental implants or a dental bridge. The temporary denture is set in place using a wire resembling a retainer and is removable. A temporary denture can only be worn for a couple of months and can be a great solution for someone who has had a tooth knocked out in an accident or during a sporting event.

Partial Dentures

Partial Dentures can be a great option if you only have a few missing teeth. They are secured in place by a base made of plastic that resembles the color of your gums. A metal framework is then used to hold the base in place.

Complete Dentures

Complete Dentures are used when you are missing all of your teeth. If this is the option you choose, you should have a complete and healed set of dentures in 8 to 12 weeks after your teeth are removed. Often patients prefer to get immediate dentures to avoid the waiting period, but this option will require adjustments later on down the road after the gums and bone settle into their permanent size.

How Dentures Are Made

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The first step in the process of obtaining dentures is to schedule an appointment with TLC Dentistry to determine if dentures are in fact the best solution for you as well as what type you may benefit from. A mold is then taken of your teeth and gums and it is taken to a dental lab to create the dentures. Several molds may be taken in order to determine jaw function and movement.

Denture Benefits

Many patients enjoy the convenience of dentures and regardless of needing a full or partial set, the patient can replace their missing teeth in a non-surgical and non-invasive way. They are a quick and easy solution since they can be fitted immediately.

Negatives of Dentures

Dentures do not feel like natural teeth and although they are functional, many complain that you still need to be aware of them. There are other cosmetic procedures that allow you to forget you ever lost any teeth in the first place. Although dentures are more comfortable and secure than in years passed, they can still become loose when speaking or eating.

Alternative Options

There are alternative options when it comes to dentures. There is a procedure combining implant dentistry with dentures and those patients needing a secure way to hold the dentures in place can benefit. During this procedure, a mold is taken to form a denture that will then be secured using implants. Metal posts are implanted under the gums and then the dentures are secured to it. The benefit is the convenience of the stability from the implants as well as how quickly the dentures can be created.

Caring For Your Dentures

Dentures need to be taken our nightly and rinsed thoroughly using a special brush made for dentures. Use the brush to get rid of any food particles and then repeat the rinsing. Gums, tongue, as well as the roof of the mouth need to be brushed using toothpaste. Antiseptic mouthwash may then be used to kill any bacteria and improve breath. You should let your dentures soak through the night and then place them back in your mouth when you wake.

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