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Full Mouth Rehabilitation – Take Control Of Your Oral Health

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Chicago

Kopp Dental full mouth rehabilitation

If you are in need of full mouth rehabilitation, Kopp Dental and Associates will provide you with outstanding service, personalized care, and advanced dental procedures to keep your smile as healthy as possible. Indeed, these are the trademarks of our practice. So many of our patients that are extremely satisfied with their final result,  tell us that their complete upper or lowers restorations have given them a happier, healthier outlook on life.

Our board certified prosthondontists here at Kopp Dental are exceptionally knowledgeable and our near onsite world-class laboratory uniquely distinguishes us from any other Chicago area dental practice. Designing a full mouth rehabilitation is more than a highly skilled operation. It is, in effect a work of art. The specialists at Kopp Dental are as much gifted artisans as dental professionals, serving you to the very best of our abilities. We will customize a treatment especially for you, returning healthy, beautiful mouth function to you in the very finest, effective, and most cost efficient way possible.

Full Mouth Reconstruction Consultation

How do you know if full mouth rehabilitation is the best alternative for you? Begin your research by consulting with a qualified Kopp Dental prosthodontist. The wide-ranging scale of the process will require substantial planning and one on one consultation. That’s where the commitment and distinctive credentials of the Kopp Dental team come into play. We will meticulously plot out every phase of treatment.

Every full mouth restoration is an extremely individualized unique process. The reconstruction plan is designed to optimize every part of your mouth, from teeth to gums to bite, to gain maximize dental health. Sometimes, replacement or restoration of every tooth may be required. In such cases a combination of dental services is used.

Full mouth restoration can bring a wide array of services to bear in order to bring your mouth up to maximization. These options can include bridges, implants, inlays or onlays, veneers, professional whitening or new dental fillings.

When needed, we also collaborate with only the best outside specialists in the Chicago area. We collaborate with highly qualified and reputable specialists. That way, in the rare case that we cannot complete the procedure in our state-of-the-art facilities, you are referred to their professional Chicago dental practice that you know you can put your trust in.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Candidates

There are many factors that lead to teeth falling out or becoming damaged, such as infection and trauma. The top qualified patient for a full mouth rehabilitation or full mouth reconstruction procedure in Chicago often have multiple teeth missing or the damage to their oral health is severe. Often, a full mouth rehabilitation candidate already has a dental restoration that has worn out during the years. It is true that the majority of full mouth rehabilitations need a series of appointments and extensive work. But the reward is a mouth that fully functions, as well as outstanding dental health that can last many years.

But full mouth rehabilitation isn’t the only thing Kopp Dental does exceptionally well. General dentistry is an essential part of our practice, allowing us to serve your whole family with superior quality. We are committed to providing you with unsurpassed professional, friendly service.

Find out about all the rehabilitation options available to you, and be prepared for a renewed sense of self-confidence and boost in quality of life. Call for an appointment to meet with our specialists today.

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