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The Importance of Baby Teeth and Dental Care

The Importance of Baby Teeth

Babies are born with their 20 primary teeth are already in their jawbones and they begin to break through the gums around 6-12 months of age. Most children have their full set of baby teeth by their third birthday. Every child is different, and it is important to get dental care even for these baby teeth.  Even though they will fall out eventually and be replaced by the permanent teeth, these baby teeth must be properly cleaned and cared for to ensure the child’s dental well-being. Here at Kopp Dental, we have helped many families learn how about proper baby teeth dental care. Contact us today to set up an appointment and read on to learn more about kid’s dental care!

Why Baby Teeth Matter

Baby teeth may seem of little importance, they are temporary after all, but they are actually very important to the overall dental health and development of your child. They make it possible for your child to chew, speak and smile and these are all things they will do throughout their life- so they need strong baby teeth while they learn! The baby teeth also act as placeholders that keep teeth properly spaced and aligned so the permanent teeth come in straight and in the right place.  If the baby teeth are not spaced properly or come in wrong, the adult teeth can follow in their place, and this can make teeth crooked or crowded. That’s why good oral care must start even before the first tooth comes in, and while they may seem of little importance they can help protect the overall health of your child’s mouth for the rest of their lives! For help with baby teeth dental care, no matter the age of your child, come by and see us today here at Kopp Dental.

Taking My Child to the Dentist

Baby teeth

If you are looking for someone to help you with your child’s dental care or need someone to help you understand how to care for baby teeth, come by and talk to our knowledgeable and friendly staff today at Kopp Dental! When it comes to baby teeth dental care, we are proud to serve the community and are committed to helping everyone who comes to us find the best care plan possible and we are proud to help people fall in love with their smiles. When you are ready to take your child to the dentist for the first time, it is easy to see the difference we make with our kind, friendly, and caring staff. So trust your child’s dental health and well being to the local experts and set up a child well-check appointment today to get started!

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