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Interesting Facts about Teeth and Dentistry

Many people see going to the dentists as a scary thing and something that they dread. However, going to the dentist can be fun and interesting, especially when thinking about all the things that have happened over the years and how far we have come in the world of dentistry. There are many dental fun facts most people do not even know about, so we wanted to present to you some fun and interesting facts about teeth and dentistry:

  • One of the interesting facts about teeth is that each year, the average American dedicated almost 40 days in time brushing and flossing their teeth.
  • People with a soda addiction have as much as 62% more tooth decay and tooth loss than those that do not drink soda!
  • Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body.
  • A dental fun fact is that flossing may seem like a minor deal but you miss up to 40% of your tooth surface if you do not floss!
  • People who are right handed tend to chew more of their food on the right side and left handed people tend to chew more on the left side.
  • Every year, close to half a million dollars is spent by kids on chewing gum.
  • More dental fun facts -blue is the most popular color for toothbrushes and red is one of the least popular colors.
  • More interesting facts about teeth -like fingerprints, each tongue print is unique!
  • Kids laugh around 400 times a day, ask an average of 50 questions a day, and smile ten times more than most adults.
  • Giraffes only have bottom teeth for chewing their food, pandas are plant eaters but have some of the biggest and sharpest teeth, and sharks replace their teeth can go through thousands within their lifetime!
  • Most people only spend 45 to 70 seconds brushing their teeth each day, the recommended time is 2-3 minutes each day.
  • 78% of Americans have had at least 1 cavity by age 17, just one of many interesting facts about teeth you can learn at the dentists’!
  • 1882 saw the first dental floss being commercially manufactured.
  • Over 300 types of bacteria can be found in the mouth and these are the bacteria that make up dental plaque.
  • Here’s another one for the dental fun facts- Dogs have 42 teeth, cats have 30 teeth, pigs have 44 teeth, and an armadillo has 104 teeth.
  • The Blue Whale is the largest mammal on earth, but it eats only tiny shrimp because it has no teeth.

To learn more interesting facts about teeth and to see how these and other dental fun facts can help you get a bigger smile, check out our website or call us and set up your consultation appointment!

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