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Learn About Dental Implants

For patients who’ve experienced tooth loss, finding replacement options is doubtless a real priority. At Kopp Dental, Dr. Kevin Kopp and Associates are experts in replacing missing teeth to restore your smile, the function of your teeth, and your self confidence!

Probably the most advanced and reliable option in tooth replacement is with the use of dental implants. Elmhurst dental experts at Kopp Dental explain the basics of dental implants in today’s blog post.

Following you will find the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding dental implants:

What exactly is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a three part appliance that replaces a missing tooth or missing teeth. The first phase involves surgical placement of an implant into your jawbone which mimics the root of a natural tooth. The second phase is called an abutment, and is a coupling piece between the implant and the restoration. The third phase, the restoration, is a custom fabricated restoration which gives the implant the appearance of a tooth. Together, these parts make up a dental implant.

Can I get a dental implant?

Candidacy for dental implants by Elmhurst dentists at Kopp Dental basically involves being healthy and having adequate bony support for the implant. Sometimes, jawbone must be augmented to give additional support to the implant. Most patients seeking tooth replacement are eligible candidates for dental implant placement!

Why choose Kopp Dental for my dental implants in Elmhurst?

As a dentist as well as a prosthodontist, Dr. Kevin Kopp has the advanced training and expertise to provide the highest quality of aesthetic result for the restoration of your dental implants.  The quality, skill, and care we demonstrate for all of our patients sets our dental practice apart from any other for the placement of your dental implants in Elmhurst.

For the highest level of expertise to perform your dental implant procedures, we invite you to contact Kopp Dental and Associates today!

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