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Life Changing Full Mouth Restoration

Full Mouth Restoration: A Lifetime Of Benefits



Full mouth restoration , also known as full mouth reconstruction combines skill and esthetics to improve the health and beauty of a smile.   Full  mouth restoration is best performed by a prosthodontist.  A prosthodontist is a dental professional specializing in esthetic, restorative dentistry, particularly procedures of a highly complex nature like full mouth reconstruction. Dental offices such as Kopp Dental in the Chicago area specialize in restorative procedures.

Full mouth restoration is customized to the patient’s particular needs and can include a variety of techniques that include dental implants and personalized smile design.

Properly done full mouth reconstruction takes into consideration both the patient’s desire to have an attractive smile and the return of full, healthy mouth function. People who have chronic or recurring dental concerns are good candidates for full mouth restoration. Teeth severely worn because of bruxism (the habitual, often unconscious grinding of one’s teeth), chronic decay, several missing teeth, teeth that have been broken or have cracks. People born with genetic conditions of the mouth are also candidates for full mouth reconstruction.  

Full Mouth Restoration & Modern Technology

Full mouth restoration was revolutionized with the advent of cutting edge developments like implant dentistry, which has allowed prosthodontists and other dental professionals to replace missing or diseased teeth completely, from root to crown. Dental implants have dramatically improved the lives of countless patients by restoring not only full mouth function but self-esteem.  The prosthodontist’s additional years of training focus on the special needs of patients requiring full mouth rehabilitation. This ensures a more predictable outcome with a better long term prognosis and improved aesthetics.

The Importance Of A Prosthodontist In Full Mouth Restoration

The importance of entrusting your full mouth reconstruction to a trained prosthodontist is of the utmost importance.. This restorative procedure requires specific skill, experience and a well developed sense of craftsmanship to achieve optimum results.  Kopp Dental in the Chicago area features highly skilled prosthodontists who are Board Certified. If you want to know more about full mouth reconstruction and whether it’s right for you, our trained and caring staff is happy to answer any questions and schedule a consultation. Call us at (630) 941-8398 or use our Contact Us page. We look forward to hearing from you.

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