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Stress Relief for Moms

Why Stress About Stress?

Everyone knows that stress and anxiety make life less pleasant. Stress has been linked to disorders of the immune system, sleep disorders, digestive issues, and heart problems. It is extremely important for all of us to find things to relieve stress for us.

Stress relief for moms

Stress and Moms

Few things are as rewarding as being a good mother, but by the same token, few things are as tough. Thus it should come as no surprise that the research shows that 72% of moms feel significant levels of stress. In addition to the risk this brings to their physical health, it’s likely that stressed, anxious moms pass these same feelings on to her children, an unfortunate outcome to be sure.

Accordingly, it’s especially important for moms to achieve stress relief. With that in mind, here are some of the best stress relievers.

Stress Relief Tips for Mothers

  • Healthy eating. Healthy eating makes you feel better in general and provides the antioxidants that specifically fight stress. To start eating healthy, make sure you’re getting vegetables and fruits in an assortment of colors.
  • Think positive.Especially, do this as your day begins. Take a little time before getting up out of bed and helping the kids get ready for their day. Take a deep breath, repeat some affirmations, and remind yourself of the good things the day will bring.
  • Recording your thoughts, feelings, experiences, prayers, and/or gratitude daily can serve as a potent source of stress relief.
  • Just five to ten minutes of guided mediation can do wonders, and finding the time can be easier than you think. Many people meditate while in their cars. If you don’t already know some guided meditations, there are plenty on YouTube.
  • Visualization promotes stress relief by changing your attitude for the better. Visualize yourself peaceful, obtaining the things you want, and letting go of the things that are sources of stress.
  • Exercise will make you feel better and release endorphins that fight stress. You can do yoga, go to the gym, take an exercise class, or just go for a walk.
  • Physically touching helps relieve stress. Though massages are great, the touching doesn’t have to be prolonged or provided by a professional. Daily hugging and cuddling with a significant other work too.
  • Finding and reacting to the humor in things is a powerful source of stress relief. Watch something funny or spend time with people who make you laugh. If you can’t find a genuine laugh inside you, faking one can lead to it becoming real.
  • Figure out your triggers.When you’re stressed, anxious, or agitated, step back, take a look at yourself, and figure out why. Once you identify your triggers and behavior patterns, you can change them either by yourself or with the help of a professional.
  • Technology can stress us often without our realizing it. Turning off the TV, your phone, and other devices for a while can help you calm down.
  • Do something nice for yourself. The treat doesn’t have to be a huge deal or costly. It can be something as simple as a bubble bath or a dish of your favorite ice cream.
  • Clean up your space and organize.Clutter can cause stress, and getting rid of clutter can relieve it.
  • Express gratitude.Remembering all the things you’re grateful for can produce stress relief. One easy trick for doing this is to work your way through the alphabet naming something you’re thankful for that begins with each letter.
  • Don’t beat yourself up.Mothers have a tendency to be very critical of themselves and to feel badly when they make mistakes. In other words, they let stress into their minds and bodies. It’s generally better simply to learn from the mistake, perhaps laugh about it, and move on.
  • Take a break.Anyone will succumb to stress if they’re doing a job 24/7. Find someone else to watch the kids for a little while.
  • Pursue your hobbies and interests.It may seem tough to find the time for these when you’re busy being a mom, but doing something you enjoy will recharge your batteries and make you a better parent.
  • Sometimes sleep is what you need for stress relief.
  • Create your space.A relaxing space at home or at work keeps you from getting stressed out as easily and helps you get rid of stress when you need to.
  • Playing with your kids will help relieve stress.
  • Get loud and boisterous.When you feel like screaming or singing your favorite song at the top of your lungs, do it.
  • See a professional.Looking after your general health and your oral health will remove potential sources of stress, Keep your appointments with your physician and dentist, and, if it would be helpful, consult a mental health professional as well.

So you can see there’s a lot a mom can do to accomplish stress relief. Just remember that all these methods are available, try them out, and stick with the ones that turn out to be the best stress relievers for you.

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