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The Dental Implants Process

Understanding The Dental Implants Process At Kopp Dental

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Dental methods in dentistry, particularly in prosthodontics, have advanced dramatically over the past decade. Yet, even with all the modern advantages of the dental professions, there are still many people in the U.S. who endure permanent tooth loss. The reasons are many, but the two most prominent are decaying teeth and periodontitis, more commonly known as gum disease.

For hundreds of years, the soul option available to people were dentures or bridges, depending on how many teeth were missing and/or beyond saving. Today, however, dental professionals everywhere are using the dental implants process, a superior tooth replacement method.

Dr. Kevin Kopp of Kopp Dental and Associates, having a long and outstanding record regarding dental implants in the Chicago area, guides us through a closer look at the dental implants process.

Explaining The Dental Implants Process & Advantages

Dentures and dental implants differ on a fundamental level. Dentures sit atop the bare gums and are fixed in place with one form or another of adhesive. With the dental implants process, the implants are actually replacements for the missing teeth roots. This allows for a much stronger base that can support either permanently installed replacements for teeth or replacements that can be removed. The replacements are customized to look like your own natural teeth.

Dental implants have distinct advantages over dentures. The dental implants allow for a much more natural appearance. They also feel very natural, most often as much as the patient’s original teeth. Also, the dental implants process causes the implants to fuse with the bones of your jaws, making the implants that support the teeth replacements permanent.

With a far more natural look and feel, talking is easier and feels more natural than with dentures. Dentures will eventually slip over time, or if not properly fitted will begin to slip almost immediately. This often forces people with dentures into mumbling or slurring. The dental implants process, however, firmly and permanently anchors your replacement teeth securely in place. That means people with implants talk with no worries about their teeth slipping.

Dental implants are much more comfortable than dentures. Since the dental implants process ensures that the implants fuse with bone, the replacement teeth feel far more comfortable and natural, eliminating the “bulky” and uncomfortable feeling that usually comes with conventional dentures.

Implants also make meal times easy again. There’s no clumsy, and often embarrassing, slipping of the dentures that often makes eating tricky. Since the dental implants process securely anchors your teeth replacements, their functioning is identical to natural teeth. This allows for the return of any favorite food, because there is no need to worry about slipping dentures. In addition, there is no denture pain during chewing to deal with.

Self-confidence is another advantage of implants. The dental implants process returns your original smile. This is a tremendous self-esteem boost to our patients that should never be taken lightly.

And unlike dentures and other dental procedures like bridges, the dental implants process encourages healthy bone growth of the jaws. Also, an implant doesn’t require any surrounding teeth to be altered or ground down, as do dental bridges. That means your remaining natural teeth stay whole and undamaged by the dental implants process. Plus, implants can be brushed and flossed just like natural teeth. All of this results in better overall health of your teeth and mouth.

Dental implants are resilient and long lasting. Assuring you go to an experienced, quality prosthodontist and that you are properly caring for your implants it’s even possible for them to last your life through.

Implants offer much more ease of care and maintenance than conventional dentures. Dentures must be removed for proper cleaning. They also must be regularly removed during the day in order to re-apply denture adhesive.

Because the dental implants process permanently sets the implants in place, there’s no need to remove your replacement teeth. You care for them just as you do your natural teeth. This eliminates the awkward nuisance of needing to excuse yourself with family and friends as you find a private place for removing dentures and applying more messy adhesive.

The Success Rate Of The Dental Implants Process

Every case is unique but, generally speaking, the dental implants process is successful approximately 98% of the time. If you are in good enough health to have typical tooth extractions or dental surgery done, you are a good candidate for consideration regarding the dental implants process.

A dental implants process patient needs to have good gum health, as well as adequate bone in the jaws. This is important in order to ensure the implants will properly anchor. A commitment to regular, daily oral hygiene, as well as to keeping regularly scheduled dental appointments, is also a must.

Those who smoke or have health issues like diabetes, heart disease, or someone who has had radiation therapy involving the area of the head or neck, will require evaluation. But, of course, anyone who is thinking of getting dental implants in the Chicago area (or anywhere, for that matter!) should talk to a qualified dental professional to discuss the dental implants process and determine if it works for you.

The Dental Implants Process Is A Low Discomfort Procedure

The majority of patients are pleasantly surprised by the low amount of discomfort experienced during the dental implants process. Local anesthesia is all that is required, with the usual comment from those who undergo the procedure being that it involves less discomfort that when a tooth is extracted.

When the dental implant process is complete and you’ve returned home, you will likely have some mild soreness. Using an off-the-shelf anti-inflammatory like Tylenol or Motrin is permissible and recommended.

You Can Depend On Kopp Dental & Associates For Your Dental Implants In The Chicago Area

The comfort, naturalness, ease of care and improved quality of life that follows the dental implants process makes it a wise and advanced choice over conventional dentures and bridge work.

Dr. Kopp, his associates and their staff at Kopp Dental & Associates are dedicated to helping you make the best decision about the dental implants process and whether it’s right for you. No matter what type of dental work you need, from regular check-ups, to white fillings for cavities, to the eradication of gum disease, to dental implants in the Chicago area and more, you are working with the most qualified, experienced and caring dental professionals in Chicagoland.

But you don’t have to take our word for it! Hear from our patients over on our Testimonials Page. And please feel free to call us with any questions at (630) 941-8393 or use our Contact Us Page.

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